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   Create Your Own Planner | Organizer | Journal – Paper Business! JUST $275

I’m taking all of my designs and templates and including them into a package for you to purchase

This business was designed to sell products digitally which would allow me to Live Life Simple and incorporate a work life balance so that I could focus on doing things I love such as spending time with family, working out, meditating, traveling while still being able to create!

The foundation of the business has been done for you to get started right away!

Here’s what you’ll get:

·      A link to sign up for a Dropbox account – There is a low monthly fee of $13. You’ll need this for a few reasons.

1) It’s how I send you the whole business

2) It’s how you will send your products electronically so that you don’t have to email someone each time they purchase something

3) Allows for flexibility when choosing an ecommerce website that doesn’t allow digital downloads

I found that this site was the most cost effective way to have enough storage space on my laptop as well as being able to have one link to products that I can use on any website whether it be Etsy, Shopify or any other ecommerce site. There are other companies that you can set up accounts with that charge a monthly fee to offer digital products but they might only accommodate 1 website such as Etsy or Shopify but not both.

I like keeping things simplified which is why I wanted all products on 1 website that allowed me to share the downloads on any platform I wanted with minimal costs.  You can also access Dropbox on any computer, phone, or device.

·      A link to Adobe Photoshop – There is a monthly fee of $20 but you’ll need this to create! Your ROI (return on investment) will be well worth it.

·      My Complete set of designs

o  Over 300 Images that have been used to create planner covers, dividers and dashboards – they can also be sold as Images for Pictures frames or any product you desire! Phone Covers, mugs, laptop covers, leggings, other clothing options, etc.

o  Over 15 sets of Fonts in PNG file format.  Adobe and Photoshop also have an amazing selection of fonts as well. CreativeMarket is a great website that also has a lot of different style of fonts and graphics. Each Monday they offer 6 different downloads for FREE

o  Over 35 sets of Templates to use in Photoshop to create your own products. All you need to do is add your own design. 

o  Create A Planner Set that has daily, weekly, monthly, planner insert pages to create and design your own planner

o  Graphics – Over 800 types of graphics that are organized into folders.  Some of them are my passions that I kept in there. You can delete them if you’d like.  You can also add your passion folders as well. Use to create:

§  Stickers

§  Labels

§  Jewelry Images

§  Planner covers – dividers – dashboards

§  Anything your creative mind can come up with

o  Digital Papers – Over 62 file folders of paper designs

o  Product descriptions for over 15 products – already written for you.

Here’s what you’ll need to do if you haven’t already:

·      Create your business name – Purchase the domain name and use it for your Ecommerce Website, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Keep it Simple and consistent. Even if you’re only doing an Etsy shop, still purchase the domain.  I see a lot Etsy shop owners that have not secured the domain name for their business. It’s so important to have the same domain even if you’re not going to utilize it right away.

·      Set up your website or Etsy shop or refresh it with the product descriptions included

·      You’ll need to purchase and download Photoshop & DropBox

·      Create your Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter if this is something that you’re interested in.

·      Start Designing!

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